This and that ... and thanks

Now to another influence that is rushing in - it is called warez. It is so easy nowadays to get almost every product that is available for free. If you want use Morpheus or other things like that for trying out this and that character and model - but if you like it - buy it. I f you can't afford to buy it - delete it. I know this is hard. But think about that a lot of people earning their money from what they selling - If you use warez you steal exactly that money and if this artist is living on the street you'll never get the next update of a character or new ones.

To all of you who are hosting warez:
I have used warez a long time (well, I think everyone of us did once and really a lot of you are doing now) but I have never stored them on a place where everyone can access them. I think it is different it you give a friend this and that Software because you know he can't effort it or simply let everyone access it. I strongly believe most of the runners of this FTP-hosts are never really thought about what they are doing - but if you're (the one who is reading that) one of this person ... think about it. If you're selling it you should compare this with dealing drugs ... it is not so far away from it.

Another very big reason why this website is back is because of the fact I sold some of my CDs - for all of you who bought it - everyone of you had done a piece in bringing this website back - thank you.

Finally I wish everyone of you a nice and happy time here at my site.

Keep on posing


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