Who ? Why ?
RenaPD, Steve Shanks For Poserworld, your spirit, your ideas and so many things
Sergemarck For all these clothes
Stormrage, Dutchangel For being there when I need help :o)
Traveler, Wizzard, Sargebear, Jim Moore, Jack D. Kammerer, Sharkey, Questor, Kalypso, John Malis, Douglas Sturkwurk, PhilC, Elisabeth Pope, Verdie Ingram, Lannie, Viomar, MacLean, Daio, Bia, Ghastley, Funkybob, Cazcie Just for being there
YARP For Poser-Explorer
Everyone who gives away free for exactly doing this
EDriver, Bloodsong, TJ, KateTheShrew, Chemicalbrother, Cheryle, cloudedinmystery, Kenniston, Redsonia and so many others ... For hanging around in the chat-room :o)
Bushi For all you have done for Poser - I'm praying you're coming back one day
Yaleena For speaking (mailing) German with me
The whole staff at 3DCommune, Renderosity, Renderotica For keeping the Fora running
The whole designing crew of Digital Babes For all of your stuff especially Kozaburo for your hair
For everyone I have forgotten: Please forgive me - I'm really bad in remembering names - but thank you also ...