This and that ... and thanks

Hello Poses - lover :o)

This website was closed for quiete a while ... - in fact it was some time down.

The reasons are various - the most important one was bandwidth. Noone was able to take the amount this site took :o(. It jumped for more than one year from one host to another and found no home. I was unwilling to pay some bucks for giving it a host because I believe it is somehow wrong paying for something to give away for free.

Keep that in mind when you download from here. I'm paying for the traffic you make. So if you abuse Downloadmanagers you're someone who I will call names that are better not written here. Some of us still have this spirit doing it the same way like I do - giving away free stuff - but we're dying. It is up to you to keep us allive. Is it in selling some of our products or simply saying "thank you" from time to time. It helps us doing what we're doing - giving our heart to the community.

You might call me an idiot or you call me a dreamer - but I still believe in that community. Elsewhere I would have left a long time ago. It was short before early this year because people were flushing in only thinking it is normal taking every free stuff and selling everything they made for a price that was way overpriced compared with the quality of the product. But some of the old staff brought my faith in this community back.

I think the time has come to bring this website back now. Maybe these people have learned. I really hope so.

So, if you browse through this website do it with fun but never forget that it is a lot of work to do all this stuff and keeping it available. This is not counting for only this site - Poser has a community - that is somehow unique in the Softwareworld I think. Where else are you able to ask questions and the CEO answeres personally. Almost all of the so-called Posergods (NEVER say this to me - I really hate being named like that) are answering mails if you ask friendly and kindly. This is something that have to kept allive and a lot of us working hard for keeping that spirit.

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