Posing is an Art

Giving credit - where credit is due ? - I hope I mentioned everyone who is necessary here ... - if I forgot you - please mail me ...

  Poses-notice and credits
In this section I'll try my best to explain how it came to all this poses and I'll try to mention all the characters, textures, or props I used in my poses-section.
If I forgot someone it isn't because of I don't like him or her - I simply forgot or lost the creators name, if you (the origin creator) feel forgotten please mail me.
Of course I don't repost any prop here without permission - I want to state your name if you'd helped me :o)

License and copyright:
- These poses, faces, props and textures are absolutely free for
   commercial or non-commercial use and also redistribution.
   Sale requires my written permission.
- Improve them (if you want) and if you do, so please let me
   have a copy.
- I made all stuff on these site by myself. Any resemblance to
   other items made by anyone else, living or dead,
   is purely coincidental.

I didn't copy any people's property by making any of this items.
Exceptional I had the permission to do so.

on the next site you'll find all the poses included in this site (at the moment more than 2000). So please be patient - it may take a while untill this site is fully loaded.