Posing is an art 2.1

Here is it.

The (almost) complete Posing is an art 2.1. The only content that is missing is the link-section and the tutorials because they are now stored at "Posing is and art 3.0". And naturally the story content in the site is obsolete.

For all of you who were allready there - It is NOTHING new there - all new content is on PIAA 3.0 - PIAA 2.1 will never be updated. So PIAA 2.1 is only for those of you who had never the chance to get there (because you're new to Poser :o). I know it's a shameless promotion but if you're planing to download all the stuff you should think about buying "In the blink of an eye".

Also I have to say I'm paying for the traffic you make. It took me really a lot to bring this website back - and I hope I'm not forced to take it down again. So, if you download from there please don't abuse this site with Download Managers (only 2 or 3 download-sessions at once please) and try to download an item only one time.

Thank you for your understanding.