;-) In the blink of an eye (-;

  Are you amongst the people who can never get enough poses ?
  Are you annoyed of interrupted downloads from my site ?
  Are you tired of unzipping and copying all the poses ?

Here is a suggestion:

The CD "In the blink of an eye" contains al the stuff from PIAA 2.1 (except the textures) PLUS additional 3000 poses (total amount approx. 5250 poses in the adult-version), 150 light-settings, 150 faces (total amount approx. 300), 100 hand-poses, 30 props (total amount approx. 60) and the tutorial-section from PIAA 3.0.
Easy-to-choose-pose with the help of a tree-based Database.


Adult-version: $ 79 (for outside Europe)
Adult-version: $ 74,50 (for Europe)
Normal-version: $ 77 (for outside Europe)
Normal-version: $ 72,50 (for Europe)

Simply order via e-mail or paypal through schlabber@yourwap.com.

Please have a look at the Database (Internet Explorer 4+ or Netscape 4+ required)
to see what this CD is about.
Att.: Some images contain mild nudity and are sometimes violent.
Loading may take a while because of many images.

This is also the place for bugfixes and expansions for the Database (will follow).