Well, well this isn't the section where I want to show my images. This is more the section of the images that were made with my poses. So, if you have done some images with my poses - just send them to

And to give you a reason to send some images to me I set up a prize:

I'll give away two CD's of "In the blink of an eye" for the first 2 images I like best - or better said the two people whose images I like best :o). If you have allready bought this CD you'll get your money back or get the next CD of mine for free (but this might take a while). Of course my images are not counting for the contest - and btw: I'm pretty sure a lot of you can do better ;o)

No nudity - this means no blank breasts (of women) and no genitalia. This won't mean they have to wear clothes - but if they are naked you should see nothing :o). and of course they should not make this thing man and woman are doing sometimes (well - I think you know what I mean). So in a few words: Romance is allowed - having sex not.
The image must contain some (or one) of my poses - slight modification is strictly allowed (lol) - please state which poses you used.
Maximum image size = 600 x 600 pixel / 72 dpi - image must be a *.jpg. No thumbnails needed -
I'll make them on my own.
Contest ends on 31st December 2001.

I'll try to show up most of the images I get - but please give me some time to make them public.
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