Female Poses
Alienbuster 2 An idea as I was looking Alien   58 Kb
Alienbuster 2 variation A variation for another boot-type   57 Kb
Ankh Su Namun Patricia Velasquez looked so great in that - well - "dress" and than "spothmann" made this texture ... So I couldn't resist to make some poses :o)   131 Kb
Female and axe Some poses with the props of Traveler (you can get them at BBay) but of course you can attach another weapon.   71 Kb
Female in cape (the witch) Some poses with Travelers hooded cape. For the poses you don't need the cape - but they look better then :o).   125 Kb
Female and cloak Poses for a P4-Female and PhilCs Dracula cloak.   125 Kb
Female and guitar Female playing a guitar - a special wish for Rockher - the guitar is from Chemicalbrother and in the props-section (thank you very much).   192 Kb
Female flying hero Just some simple Hero poses for a flying Female   99 Kb
Female Stingray Every man and woman loves fast cars :o) - here are some poses for a female and Sharkeys Stingray (available at Sharkeys site).   327 Kb
Female sword and shield Another set for some of Travelers props - same as above - you can attach of course other weapons.   129 Kb
Female - under the shower As special request for Wolfspider - a woman under the shower (slight nudity)   294 Kb