The hyperlinks in the orange box will bring you to the selected poses area. If you press a hyperlink in the white area you will get directly the zip-file of the desired pose-set. A click on "Schlabber" will always bring you back to the Start-page.
Bold-Hyperlinks are new poses-sets

  Of course no previews-this
  is simply to much work (to
  convert the animations in
  animted gifs, make avi's,
  VRML-Dateien or something
  like that).

  the numbers in the columns
  are stating of how many
  frames the animation exists.
Gymnastic (4 sets)
(30 45 30 60)
Motion 01 (pz3-80)
Motion 02 (pz3-60)
Motion 03 (pz3-60)
Motion 04 (pz3-90)
Motion 1-4 (pz2)
(the above as poses)