I'm asked so many times where I got my inspiration from - well regarding to Fantasy and Science Fiction ... this is easy. Simply hae a look at these sites:
International Movie Database For informations about Movies - a lot of movietrailers can be found starting from this link.
Therion Great ressource for Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta and Luis Royo - Fans (those are Fantasy-illustrators).
imageNETion Huge archive of Classic Pin-up art, modern erotic art, fantasy art, comic art and DIGITAL art.
Artwork Central Searching for Artwork - go there - that's the link !!
Mauritius images The website might be German - but images are international :o) - just type what you're searching for and you'll get a lot of images back.
Corbis Another place to search for images.
Yourwap This is not only the company I'm working for - Yourwap.com is also a great service - and not only for e-mails - just have a look.
I'll ad here this and that link later on ... these are the ones that came directly in my mind :o).