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  3D Modelword
Lannie has the biggest link-section - If you are searching for a special Poserlink - Lannie has it. And she (and her friends) has also a big free Poserstuff section.
Sergemarck is the master of antique clothing - no more no less ...
Cal is a real prop-master - so much props could be find on his website ...
Liz' and Verdies site - Two of the best render-artists and also some goodies for poser there - and at least they are the good spirit of the community.
  Digital Babes
Kozaburo is the hair-master and a great renderartist also ...
Kalypsos' and John Malis' site - A must for Fantasy and character-lovers.
  Sharkey's Gate
Sharkeys props, characters, textures, ... are unique - as much as Collani is in design ... well both of them are swiss man
John West' site is for those people who can never get enough clothes - well here you'll find more than enough and such pretty ones also ... :o)
  Morph World 3.0
Traveler is the master of the morphs ... noone has made so many morphs and not many have given away so much for free ...
Yarp has developed the P3dO-Explorer - If you like Poser and you're helplessly lost with all the goodies (like I'm) you must have P3dO-Explorer ... - a tool not only for viewing Poser-items in a very quick way ...
  3D Comic Collective
A really big collection of various character-creators (and some other things too) - Here you can find all the heros for my poses.
  The Propsguild
Virus' site contains so many things - I couldn't rate it ... just go there and you'll see ...
  Omni 3D
Stormrages site - If Lannie don't have the link Omni 3D has it - and also more than enough stuff to download too
(you should be an adult to go there)
  Nerd 3D
A very practical website for very unpractical clothing - a must for the Poser-freak
  Two - sword
Many many stuff there - please look also for the links ...
  PhilC Designs LTD
PhilC is one of the Poser-masters - normally he sells his goods but he has also a big freestuff-section
  3D Menagerie
Bloodsongs website - many horsestuff to find here and a lot of other things also ...