Tutorials - Saving Poses
Top Be sure you have marked the correct figure (yellow rectangle). This is very important because if you have choosen, for example the miniskirt, all information about the upper body part will be forever lost.
Top Open your poses-archive by clicking on the archive-open-button (go to the right-middle of your screen) (1)
Top Choose the correct archive (2) and press the add-button (3)
Top Choose a name for your pose (4) and hit OK
Top Now a popup appears 'Include morph channels in pose set' (5):
By clicking 'Yes' your morphs will be saved also. This means, for example, you save also the face.
By clicking 'No' your morphs won't be saved.
Normally you would choose 'NO' because you want to apply the pose to another figure also and don't want to destroy your beautiful face with a pose that has morph information included.
Top After that a popup appears asking if you want to save 'single' or a 'multiframe' (6).
Single stores ONE pose (exactly the poseframe you're recently in). Multiframe stores a SERIES of poses (an animation). Hit again OK.
Top Now this pose should appear in your archive. If you want to, you can repeat the same procedure for the hair or another figure (by making combined poses) (7).
Miscellaneous Poses