Tutorials - applying poses
Top Turn off limits (1)
Most Pose-makers work without limits (more on this point in the section "Making Solo Poses"). If you apply a pose that was made without limits and you leave your limits on, the pose will only apply until the limit.
Top Try to avoid inverse kinematics (IK) (2)
Especially when making sequences of poses (you could also say an animation) inverse kinematics could really be a "hazard" - but sometimes it is very helpfull - the most important thing about IK you should know is that you can't switch in one document (*.pz3) between using IK and not using IK.
However - when applying a single-pose it is equal if you use IK or not.
If you don't know what IK is - take your Poser-handbook and read !
Top Apply the pose to the right character (3)
A pose is (normally) designed for a character, not for the clothing (or another conformed or parented character) on the character. Please make sure you choose the character who you want the pose applied to. If there is only one character and only the conforming hair in in the scene it isn't neccessary to choose the character beforehand - but- especially if you are a beginner - first click on the part of the figure where you want to apply the pose (e.g. a leg or the head.) and then apply the pose.
Top The Conforming Hair... (4)
My female-poses mostly include a pose setting for the conforming hair (located in the clothing-female - Figure-directory of Poser).
If you use poses of mine it is obvious by the name of the pose what figure the pose is for. If it is for Female, it'll end with Fem(ale). If it is for the hair, it'll end with Hair.
Top The rest ... (5)
Don't use auto-balance when applying a pose (I never use this - my figures are well-balanced :o) and if they are not then they are flying or falling).
Don't lock your figure or the hand-parts because then a pose can't be applied.
Top Give your character a heart... (6)
Apply faces - let your people laugh, smile or be sad - but first pose them and then apply the face - don't make the error and destroy your beautifully designed face by using a pose where morph-information is stored (more on this later). Most of my poses don't contain morph-targets so this is more of a general hint :o).
Miscellaneous Poses