External links
Many friends are hosting some of my stuff - mostly poses. I'm really glad they are doing it because this will save me some traffic.
However - some of the poses stored external are not on this website - why host them double ? and I don't have unlimited bandwidth.

So, here's the list where to find also some of my stuff:
3D comic collective Hand-poses for Posette, Comicposes
Dreamlandworks Combined people-animal-poses, Fighting-poses, Weapon-poses
Planet-3D.com some Vicky-poses,
MalePoser Male-Model, Male-Expressions, Male-Yoga, Male-Gym
Dreamspinner 100 Dragon poses (for DAZ-dragon)
3D Commune Here you'll find each week a new Poses set of mine - you need to be a member at 3DCommune (membership is free).
If I missed anyone please mail me - thank you.